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flight school – power and vertical leap development

An athlete that is well skilled in plyometrics isn’t only at a performance advantage, it also adds another layer of resistance against injury.

An explosive vertical leap is crucial in most sports. Not only will this skill give an athlete a performance advantage in obvious skills like rebounding in basketball or spiking in volleyball, it demonstrates maximal power and force production for other athletic movements such as sprinting, agility and explosiveness. This is a benefit to all sports. The Sports Armory staff will teach each mechanical element of jumping and landing while progressively adding intensity. An athlete that is well skilled in plyometrics also builds another layer of resistance against injury. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment like the Vertimax and MVP Shuttle, The Sports Armory offers one of the highest quality plyometric programs available.

The Sports Armory has been designing vertical enhancement programs for aspiring young athletes since 1998. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified sports performance specialist, and professional level facilities, the Sports Armory has the ability and experience to develop unique, comprehensive, and innovative programs. 

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currently scheduled programs

Flight School programs are normally scheduled in the summer and designed for specific sports.  If you have an interest in scheduling a Flight School program for your group, contact Coach Pace at pace@thesportsarmory.com.

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