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Soccer Combine


Ever wanted a chance to see how you stack up against other players around your age, or simply evaluate where you currently are so you can take action on what to do next?

This Friday is your chance to find out!

Join us at The Sport Armory, for our first of many Soccer Performance Combines. 

Players can attend either the 11 AM or 6 PM testing time slot. The testing is open to all ages.

We will host Combines throughout the year so that players can…



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Sports Performance Training


Athletic Skills Development (6-9 yrs)


Advanced Athletic Development (10-13 yrs)


Elite Sports Performance (14-18 yrs)


Pro Sports Performance (18 Plus)

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Client Testimonials

I’ve been going to Coach Pace for about 12 years. He is the most knowledgeable, reliable, and caring coach I’ve ever had the pleasure to train with. He truly cares what he does and he’s always looking to better himself and his training techniques. He is 100% one of the reasons I’m the athlete I am today. I play soccer at the collegiate level at Oklahoma State University and I’m always sad to leave when Fall comes around. Thank you for everything Pace!!!!!

Marlo Zoeller

Soccer Player, Oklahoma State University

Coach Pace was a fundamental life line for me and my goals for example D1 athlete, great high school sports career, changing my body from obese to athletic. I am also a firm believer that he and his Sports Armor training methods have kept me healthy and safe for my entire high school sports career. However even more so than that, I learned too many priceless life lessons from him to count. Jeff Pace is a man who has given up on average and is always striving for excellence. Since second grade to my freshman year in college, I don’t think he has ever believed he knows everything there is to training making him one of the wisest people I know. The man is a perpetual student of his craft, always trying to innovate ways of better accomplishing his and even more importantly his athletes goals.

Matt Smith

Wrestler, University of North Carolina

My daughter was referred to Coach Pace by her physical therapist as part of a transitioning program back to performance after a sports related injury. Because of the nature of her injury it’s been a slow process, but it’s been a blessing to work with him because he brings a lot of knowledge about body mechanics and musculature to the table plus a lot of experience working with student athletes. I appreciate that his attitude towards training is to enhance athletic performance but with an emphasis on keeping athletes healthy for the long term.

Kathy Basden

Mother of Juliet Basden, Union High School Swimmer


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