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force speed – speed development program

Playing speed is a vital characteristic for any aspiring high level athlete.  Success in sports without it is nearly impossible.

PLAYING SPEED is the most sought-after athletic characteristic among today’s athletes in team and individual sports. Speed is a vital component in all movements including starting, stopping, accelerating, changing directions, delivering or avoiding impact situations, sprinting and split-second decision-making during sports competition. Having the ability to train form and mechanics with a qualified Sports Performance Specialist will give the athlete an enormous advantage over the competition. There are several components that must be considered when designing a successful speed program which include speed specific energy system conditioning, strength training, true plyometrics, mobility, flexibility, and a laser focus on technique. Without adequate speed and quickness, success in sports is nearly impossible.
The Sports Armory has been designing speed programs for aspiring young athletes since 1998. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified sports performance specialist, and professional level facilities, the Sports Armory has the ability and experience to develop unique, comprehensive, and innovative speed enhancement programs. The Sports Armory’s Force Speed program is your athlete’s absolute best choice for their sport specific speed goals.

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currently scheduled programs

Force Speed programs are normally scheduled in the summer and designed for specific sports.  If you have an interest in scheduling a Force Speed program for your group at a different time, contact Coach Pace at

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