Certified Professionals: The Coach Pace Difference


Coach Pace is known for his ability to pull the best out of the athletes he trains.  His adolescent athletes respect him, trust him and look up to him as a mentor and friend. The one thing all of Pace’s athletes will tell you is “He is the best at what he does because he’s never satisfied with what he knows right now.”

What Makes Coach Pace So Different?

For starters, he is a certified professional in the human performance and fitness industry and has been for twenty years.  Not every trainer in youth sports is certified because there are no government or state regulations that mandate a trainer be educated or certified to work with children or adults in physical development. You read that right. Coach Pace chose to become formally educated in this field, but many trainers do not.

Secondly, Coach Pace has always taught his athletes to intelligently strive for excellence and feels a responsibility to match their efforts with his constant pursuit of education in this field. Coach Pace puts it this way, “If I ask my athletes to give me their best, shouldn’t I offer mine in return?” It’s this attitude that sets him apart and drives him to seek as much information as possible on the subject of human physical development and sports performance training.

Does Being a Certified Professional In This Field Really Matter?

Even today with all of our modern day advancements, the human machine is still a great mystery. Having access to professional organizations and research is critical when designing programs that manipulate a humans’ ability to operate efficiently at intense levels of skill and stress. Certified Professionals will have access to these resources which makes them a preferred choice when it comes to selecting a trainer.

Furthermore, the industry of human performance and fitness is littered with misinformation and there are only a select few knowledgeable organizations trying to shed light on the scientific principles of training the human machine at all stages of development.

How much do you really need to know to train a young athlete?

It is estimated that there are approximately 45-50 million youth athletes playing sports in the United States currently. With the increasing demand of competition placed on our young athletes, it is highly recommended that they have access to competent sports performance specialists. Certified professional sports performance coaches are formerly educated in:

  • anatomy
  • kinesiology
  • physiology
  • sports psychology
  • biomechanics
  • nutritional counseling
  • testing and evaluation
  • reconditioning
  • energy system conditioning
  • program design
  • periodization
  • exercise technique & prescription
  • injury reduction training

There is infinitely more to sports performance training than organizing and implementing extremely difficult fitness sessions. Just as there is more to strength than the bench press, more to speed than sprints and dramatically more to endurance and conditioning than running the mile.

Knowing the “Why” and many other factors are critical to training success

A wide variety of conditions must be considered when designing programs for athletes. Age, training age, level of play, sport, time of season, nutritional needs, and availability to train are all critical factors. Another important element of training is the ability to educate the athlete while training them. If the athlete has a clear understanding as to why he or she is participating in a certain training exercise or program they will be more compliant. A healthy relationship between athletes and trainers is built on trust and respect not fear and dominance.

The Pace Way

Coach Pace believes that since its inception, some values of youth sports have been lost. Youth sports once represented health, fitness, skill acquisition, social skills development, camaraderie, problem solving skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, and FUN. Pace has taken the initiative to reintroduce those values into the programs we provide at Titan Sports and The Sports Armory training systems. As a professional youth sports training and competition company, coach Pace and his team strive to bring the very best to the athletes and families they serve. By educating all parties involved with sports performance training, coach Pace hopes to shine a light on the most valuable aspects of sports, fitness, and health and re-establish its foundation. We could learn a lot from coach Pace who is often heard saying, “During my professional journey, the most valuable fact I’ve learned is there is so much more to learn.”

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