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Sports Armor teaches strength training as a learnable skill by separating scientific principles from marketing hype.

Strength is a skill! There are far too many young athletes prematurely exposed to strength training programs that may not be designed for their current stage of development or with their best interest under consideration. There should be a systematic long-term approach toward teaching every fundamental component of strength. It must be understood that there are many forms of strength training. It is important to choose a program that is properly designed to help your athlete achieve their physical goals safely and efficiently. The qualified and experienced Sports Armory staff will properly educate and progress athletes through their programs while concentrating on perfecting form and safety. There are numerous benefits for athletes that participate in a strength training program other than just increasing muscle strength and power. Decreased chance of injury, increased bone density, and a more robust athletic body are just a few.

Separating scientific fact from marketing hype, The Sports Armory has designed strength training programs for virtually every sport at every stage of physical development.   There are basic principles that must be the foundation of any strength training program. These principles are as follows:

  • Train movements, not muscles.
  • Train core strength before extremity strength.
  • Build strength from the bottom up.
  • In the beginning, focus on the development of all primitive movements. (Pulling, Pushing, Squatting, Hinging, etc.)
  • Progress from simple to complex training.
  • Train to progressively overload muscle to force strength adaptation
The Sports Armory has been designing strength development programs for aspiring young athletes since 1998. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified sports performance specialist, and professional level facilities, the Sports Armory has the ability and experience to develop unique, comprehensive, and innovative speed enhancement programs.

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currently scheduled programs

Sports Armor programs are normally scheduled in the summer and designed for specific sports.  If you have an interest in scheduling a Sports Armor program for your group at a different time, contact Coach Pace at

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